Aumm Aumm [ah-oom ahoomma] meaning "Hush Hush" or "on the low" in the Neapolitan dialect, a secret, being mysterious or private. Its clear since November 2015 the secret was out, Aumm Aumm Pizzeria and Wine Bar opened its doors allowing customers to travel to Naples with out needing their passport.


Entrepreneurs Paula Delle Donne and Monica Faraoni wanted to provide locals with great food and even greater wine in small, cozy and chic corner nook of 77 and Broadway in North Bergen, NJ.


Our wide-ranging list of 150+ wines to choose from is sure to please. You'll find your traditional Barolo from Piemonte to your new world California Pinot Noirs and everything that falls in between.

Monica being a producer of Le Solive Wines, wanted to create a wine bar where customers could explore not only her wines, but also from other fine boutique vineyards around the world through Aumm Aumm. A meal is truly complete once you uncork a bottle to share and enjoy around the table with people you love.


Neapolitan cuisine consists of three major components; tradition, freshness and passion.

Paula knew that if she wanted to provide that true authentic "Cucina Napoletana" she needed to do so by using the finest ingredients from the Campania Region such as 5 Stagioni flour, San Marzano tomatoes, along with Bufala mozzarella and high quality olive oils. There is no cutting corner when making the true Margherita that is iconic to Naples.